WhoIs sites for ccTLDs

Some countries don't make their database of registered domain names available for search. Most of these will simply tell you whether or not the domain name is available, and simply leave it at that.

A very good tool for searching all ccTLDs is AllWhoIs. This site "will find the "whois" database for the particular domain name and display the output below. If a 'whois' database does not exist for a particular domain name, a Root Name Server query will check the domain's availability."

Alternately, you may visit the NIC of the ccTLD and see whether they have a tool there which you might use to search WhoIs records and/or availability of those domains. You may wish to visit this list of domain name registries around the world for links to each of those registries.

Note that some ccTLDs have been marketed to the American audience as generic Top Level Domains. These include tv and ws. To search some of these, you may wish to check out these links:

  • for .tv (actually Tuvalu) domains www.tv
  • for .ws (actually Samoa) domains website.ws
  • for .md (actually Moldova) domains register.md
  • for .am (actually Armenia) domains amnic.net
  • for .fm (actually Micronesia) domains dot.fm