Register Country-Code (ccTLD) Domains

Some, but not all, countries have opened up their ccTLD registration to people from other nations. Some of these domains have even been marketed to the American public as "generic." Ever heard one of those radio commercials for .tv registration? If so, you know what we mean. That .tv is actually the ccTLD for Tuvalu!

Here are some ccTLDs commonly marketed to the US and the countries to which these were initially assigned (plus links to the registries, just in case you wanted one of these domains all for yourself):

  • .tv domains are marketed as the hot, new things to have; many television stations have them and the advertisers insist that as streaming media becomes more popular the .tv domain will likely have a foothold among those streaming media sites
  • .ws domains, issued to Samoa, are marketed as being short for "web site" and therefore can be perceived as a generic domain
  • .md domains, issued to Moldova, are often marketed toward medical doctors in english speaking countries (and they are quite expensive!)
  • .am domains, issued to Armenia, are mostly marketed toward radio stations on the AM dial
  • .fm, or Micronesia domains, like the .am domains, are mostly marketed toward radio stations on the fm dial

There is a wealth of other ccTLDs out there, too. If you are interested in any other ccTLD domains, you will probably find it helpful to visit Norid's list of domain registries around the world for a complete list of ccTLDs and the registries that license them. Please contact each individual country's NIC for its procedures, terms and conditions.