Buy and Sell Registered Domain Names

Many people are getting into domain speculation; that is, they are registering what they perceive to be valuable domain names with the intent of selling that domain to another party for profit. More and more people are trying to cash in on this phenomenon before it's over. The question is, how does one get started? There are several ways to go about it.

You could post your own web site listing the domains you've got for sale and hope for traffic. But it's hard to get a site noticed and indexed in the search engines, so you'll probably want to take a route that's better known to domain buyers and sellers.

Here are some links to some domain brokerage sites that can help you cash in that domain name:

Another route taken by some domain sellers is to list the domain name in the domain auctions on eBay.

You may not want to take the plunge without doing a little research, and has some great advice for the domain seller. Be sure to check out the Selling Domain Names section of the frequently asked questions there.