Domain Name Transfers

There are a few different types of domain name transfers:

  • transfers from one hosting provider (ISP) to another
  • transfers from one registrar to another
  • transfers from one domain owner to another

Regardless of the type of transfer that you are trying to perform, you will need to follow the instructions at your domain's registrar. A registrar is one of the 90 or so companies throughout the world which is authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to "register" domain names on behalf of an applicant (or registrant). Although many companies on the Internet will register a domain name for you, only registrars have direct contact with the underlying mechanisms of the domain name industry (such as the Shared Registry Database of domain name records). Other companies, such as many web hosting operations, register their names through a partnership with a registrar, acting as a sort of reseller for the domain or registering domains as a convenience for its hosting customers.

Contact the company through whom you registered your domain name. If they are not the registrar, they will be able to tell you who the registrar is and where to find information about transferring your domain name.

For a complete list of ICANN accredited registrars, please visit ICANN itself.